5 Ways to Save Money

//5 Ways to Save Money
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5 Ways to Save Money

By Ryan Wilkins

 Learning about 5 Ways to Save Money.

5 Ways to Save Money

How to find 5 Ways to Save Money.

Sometimes it is hard to save money to help make those big purchases that you want. Maybe you want to save money incase of a tragedy or an accident that could hurt your pocketbooks. Whatever the reason you want to save money, it can be pretty difficult placing it aside when you are trying to keep all of your other bills covered.


The more money you make, the more money you spend. If you have money to spend there is a good chance, if you are like many others, you will find a way to spend it. You have to try and keep up with the Jones’ after all.


So how is it, with all the spending you do everyday, you can still manage to save a good amount of money to use for that vacation that you have been wanting to take for years.


Here are 5 ways to save money.


1. Stop going out to eat so much


A lot of times convenience takes precedence over money. It is much easier to go out and pay $15 per person for a meal, than it is to cook your own meal at home. Cutting out one dine out meal a month could help a family of three, save around $550 a year.



2. Buy in bulk


The more you are willing to buy at once, the better chance you have at saving money. Many physical stores and online stores allow you to buy in bulk, sometimes leading to a cheaper price per unit.


3. Use Cash


It may seem like you would want to spend money quicker if you had it on you all the time. It is more difficult to make an impulse buy when you have to hand over physical money instead of swiping a card.


4. Save loose change


Along with #3, if you use cash, to pay for your day to day expenses, you will see benefits of this one real quick. More than likely when you make a purchase that requires cash, you are stuck having to deal with all the loose change given back to you. If you save up your left over change from the day it can build quickly.


5. Keep track of spending


Knowing where your money is going to go can be a huge step in saving money. Sometimes I spend money without even thinking about it on occasion. Knowing what you are spending each month can help correct a problem before it starts.


What are some ways that you like to save money?

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