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Blogging experience week 2 is now in the books!!! Whew look at me go! Okay, so two weeks really isn’t a huge accomplishment but still, I’m working on it. Hopefully I can look back on this in 40 weeks and think, wow how things have changed. I hit a little bit of a rough spot during this week. I was swamped with work, and the birth of my gorgeous little Goddaughter so blogging took a little bit of a dip during this week and my site traffic reflected that. That’s okay though because I was still able to manage to post two articles this week plus this one I am writing now.

Not a total failure but I am quickly realizing the reality is, I don’t see me currently being able to make 5 QUALITY posts a week and live my life. Maybe one day, as this blog gains traction, I’ll be able to devote a little more time to it instead of working overtime. Gotta pay the bills though, right?

I managed to connect with a couple other bloggers and got introduced to some new blogging groups to help me manage my stuff a little better. In fact, one of them helped me realize that if I keep posting 5 times a week with a full workload outside of my computer, I won’t realistically be able to manage that kind of time.

This is all sounding bad and super gloomy and depressing and I promise it wasn’t all bad! I actually enjoyed being able to bond with other bloggers a little more instead of having to focus on making sure I posted articles. Hopefully I can continue with this method and allow it to help improve my blog! Okay okay I know you’re really wanting to see how I did on my weekly goals and looking at my goal list, I think I turned out okay this week.

Week 2 Blogging Goals

  • Make a blog post everyday of the work week.  –  FAIL
  • Monetize each blog post.  –  FAIL
  • Post each blog article to social media.  –  SUCCESS
  • Improve website functionality.  –  SUCCESS
  • Increase Facebook likes.  –  SUCCESS
  • Boost Pinterest followers.  –  SUCCESS
  • Gain Twitter followers.  –  SUCCESS
  • Get more familiar with WordPress.  –  SUCCESS
  • Gain my first subscription.  –  SUCCESS
  • Make any amount of money.  –  SUCCESS
  • Take a class to improve my blogging journey  –  SUCCESS
  • Set achievable goals.  –  SUCCESS

WOW a lot of “SUCCESS” up there! I like to see that and it’s great that I was able to do so well. I mentioned last week that I want to insure I set achievable goals so I can have small victories to celebrate each week. I’m trying to embrace the power of positivity and trying to boost my blogging self-esteem, my blog-esteem if you will.  You know what? I actually kind of like that and will probably use it again!

Last week, I made it clear that I wanted to post everyday of the work week but in week 2, I realized it puts way to much pressure on me. I caught myself trying to rush through writing an article just so I could be done with it. That’s not fair to all of my readers. Every last one of y’all deserve to have an article that was thoughtful and well written. So I’ve decided to give that to you. I won’t make any more promises on the amount I am going to write but my plan is to get 2 articles posted plus my weekly update. That will mean I will post, hopefully, three articles a week. Who knows, maybe I’ll write more, maybe I’ll write less. We will just have to see how everything goes as time passes!

Week 2 it was still fun to blog, I’ve managed to have some success on gaining traction in social media, but I’ll get more into that later. While I was trying to search my blog up on my cell phone, I found my site was extremely difficult to maneuver when using one. So I had to take some time to figure out how to fix it, and was super excited to find out it wasn’t that big of an issue. Hopefully if anyone finds some issues navigating my blog, please let me know so I can try to address it, Thanks!!

Website Traffic Report

Total Views  –  867 (up 265 from last week)

Total Visitors  –  172 (up 106 from last week)

Top Views in a Day  –  159 (up 21 from last week)

Best Day  –  Tuesday

Most Popular Time  –  9:00 P.M.

Social Media Attention

Facebook  –  80 (up 18 from last week)

Pinterest  –  281 (up 151 from last week)

Twitter  –  75 (up 66 from last week)

I was pretty happy with most of the numbers on social media. I was a little disappointed in my Facebook following but, then again, I really didn’t spend a whole lot of time promoting my Facebook account. I’ll have to try and do better on this one going into week 3. I was able to more than double my Pinterest and Twitter followers so that was awesome! Even though it wasn’t hard to improve off of 9 Twitter followers. Whose counting anyways??

Blog Posts From This Week

How to Save Money While Traveling

Saving Money During the Winter 

Blogging Experience: Week 

Blogging Experience Week 3 Goals

  • Get blog posts done on time
  • Make friends with 1 blogger
  • Continue to improve website functionality
  • Get to 100 Facebook likes
  • Reach 350 Pinterest followers
  • Have 100 Twitter fans
  • Gain 2 subscriptions to my blog
  • Make any amount of money

ConclusionWeek 2 Blogging

I enjoyed this week, I didn’t make a lot of money but I did make some so I was super excited to see that number continue going up! I have been studying a class that I hope to finish this week so I can tell everyone all about it! So far it has been amazing and very helpful. Setting these goals has really helped me stay on track, with the exception of getting these things posted in a timely manner. Procrastination has always been one of my strongest features.

Do you blog often, if so what was your best financial week?

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