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So this is what three weeks of blogging feel like? I’m still having a lot of fun. Dropping my post count down from 5 a week has been really nice. I haven’t felt nearly as pressured to produce posts. It has allowed me to better manage my time as well.

While doing the 5 posts, I found it really difficult to update the functionality of my blog and better the SEO for each post. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization for those of you who may not be familiar with the term. The better my SEO is for each post, the better my chance is of you finding my blog on websites like Google or Bing.

All in all I felt like I had a pretty good week. I got involved a little bit more with the blogging community but I didn’t manage to take the time to really get to know anybody because I’ve been so busy. I know I keep using that excuse but it really is true. As much fun as blogging is, my primary job has to come first at this point in my life. Sure I’m making money on my blog but not nearly enough to live off of!

What Next Week is Going to Look Like

This weekend I’m hoping to spend a good portion of my time in haunted houses for a much needed weekend of relaxation! Actually, next week I’m going to be writing up my first blog review so I’m super excited to see how it turns out and hear the opinions of my readers. I’ll be posting that hopefully earlier in the week along with a monthly income/expense report for the month of October. Yes, I plan on being completely transparent on my earnings AND my expenses.

The reason I want to be transparent is so you can see, first hand, EXACTLY how I have achieved my success or my failures. Hopefully if I’m failing, someone can view these reports and show me the error of my ways. If I’m succeeding… welllll then I get to gloat. I’m kidding but hopefully if what I am doing works, I’ll be able to show you and prove to you that it really is as simple as can be.

Alright so let us get down to the real business. How well did I do, in week 3, as far as the goals I set for myself? Well, honestly, not that great. I came in at a whopping 50% success rate! Now because I’m a glass half full kind of person, this isn’t too bad. You can’t always be perfect after all. So here is the run down of the goals I set for week 3.

Blogging Experience Week 3 Goals

  • Get blog posts done on time  –  FAIL
  • Make friends with 1 blogger  –  FAIL
  • Continue to improve website functionality  –  SUCCESS
  • Get to 100 Facebook likes  –  FAIL
  • Reach 350 Pinterest followers  –  SUCCESS
  • Have 100 Twitter fans  –  SUCCESS
  • Gain 2 subscriptions to my blog  –  FAIL
  • Make any amount of money  –  SUCCESS

So as you can see the part I struggled in most was having actual contact with anybody. I did received 1 subscription this week so I was half-way there. My blog posts ran a day behind for some reason. It was probably because on one of my writing days, I did a whole lot of not messing with my blog at all and the results show.

I reached two out of my three social media goals so I can’t really complain there. Even though I want,  I know I don’t have the time to invest into maintaing ALL THREE of them at the same time, at least not yet. I really struggle with finding a way to get my Facebok likes up without using any money. (I’m sure Facebook designed it that way intentionally.)

Website Traffic Report This Week

Weekly Views  –  227 (down from 250)

Weekly Visitors  –  62 (down from 119)

Top Views in a Day  –  62 (up from 54)

Best Day – Thursday

So apparently my stats are a little lower this week then they were last week. I attribute that to less time spent blogging and less time spent promoting. I plan on changing at least the promotions part this week. My blog posts will probably be around the same. I want to try to keep posting at least 2 financial posts a week.

I’m going to be looking into ways that I can gain exposure and help boost by blog traffic. I may spend the majority of the first half of November, boosting my blog traffic. Well, enough about traffic, lets move onto a much better note!

Social Media Attention

Social Media outlets are the key to blogging success. Experience the growth of my blog in my week 3 blogging experience.

Facebook  –  84 (up 4 from last week)

Pinterest  –  449 (up 168 from last week)

Twitter  –  129 (up 54 from last week)

This numbers look much better than my traffic numbers.  I was expecting my traffic to reflect my social media growth, but it appears that’s not how it goes. (At least for now anyways) Last week I had said I was going to focus more on boosting my Facebook and that obviously didn’t happen.

I have been trying to gain a better grasp on Pinterest and I would say it’s starting to pay off. I wont lie though, I’ve had a little bit of help on my Pinterest strategy. What Pinterest strategy you ask? Well I’ll save that for my product review that I’ll be posting next week! So if you’re interested to find out how to boost your Pinterest followers and gain more traffic, come back and find out in a few days.

Blog Posts From This Week

–  11 Creative Ways to Save Money on Christmas Shopping

–  Small Expenses that Add Up Fast and Their Cheaper Alternatives

–  Blogging Experience: Week 3

Blogging Experience: Week 4 Goals

Post my first official product review

• Publish the first monthly income/expense report

• Boost Facebook likes by 25

• Reach 600 Pinterest followers

• Double my Twitter followers (258 incase you didn’t do the math)

• Finish updating the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for all of my blog posts

• Get at least one article for next week done this week.

ConclusionTake a look at how my blogging experience is going in week 3. Hopefully seeing my success' and failures can help you do it correctly the first time around! Click above to read up on it!

I’m going to leave it at 7 goals that way we don’t have a tie on goals accomplished vs goals failed. Maybe it’ll cause me to work a little harder so i can at least be on the winning end. I really am excited about this product review I have coming up for you guys. I truly enjoy using it so much and anyone who has ANY intention on trying to make money from their blog NEEDS this product. It really is that good!

What product on your blog are you the most excited about? If you don’t have a blog, then what product in your home are you most excited about? 

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  1. Sidney Aldaine October 30, 2016 at 7:20 am - Reply

    I’ve been blogging for 3 weeks as well, want to be friends? There, another tick for you 🙂 You are doing great, also, likes on facebook can’t be forced, if you want organic traffic, not just likes for the sake of it 🙂 So that goal is nothing you could do about.

    I have no products on my blog. I’m still trying to figure out how to write posts so they are “sexy” for readers and…how to connect blogging and money 😀

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