My October 2016 Blog Income/Expense report

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I do receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. These are all products that I highly recommend. I wouldn't put anything on this page that I would feel bad telling my own mother about!

My October 2016 Blog Income/Expense report


I would like to start off by welcoming you to PPF Financial! If this is the first article of mine you’ve read then afterwards you should check out a few of the other articles I have recently written.


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How much did I make this month?


We are going to go ahead and skip strait to the whole purpose of this article…How much money did I make on my blog in the month of October? I made a staggering amount of $9.27 this month. Now before you go out and quit your job I need you to realize this isn’t normal. I don’t even know what I’m going to do with this money!


Okay, okay all joking aside. I am really proud of that number right there. It proves that money can be made blogging. Sure it’s nothing to write home about but I am not in this to “get rich”. This is the start of something new and fun and adventurous. I have found something I enjoy doing and while I do it, somewhere, someone is wanting to pay me for it. So where did all of this money come from?


Monthly Income


Google Adsense  –  $6.47


FlexOffers  –  $2.80


Total Income  –  $9.27


You may be wondering why it is I want to tell you my monthly earnings. I want to say it’s all for you but that wouldn’t be completely true. I want to use these income reports to look back on my beginnings. The same reason I’m posting once a week in The First Year of my Blog. The difference between the two is after my blog has reached a year old, I will no longer be posting on my blogs first year but I will still be doing monthly income reports.


It’s not all about me though. Another big reason I want to post my monthly reports is to be completely transparent with all of you. Sure, I could post about how I made $4000 this month and you should sign up to do the same. This wouldn’t be fair to any of you and I would feel terrible about misleading anyone into anything.


I’m not going to sit here and preach that it’s been super easy and that I’ve made all this money when I really haven’t. In fact if you take the total amount of money that I’ve earned from the blog, and the amount of money I spent to get it running… I’m in the hole! Read further to see the expense portion.


What am I going to do with the money?


The amount of money I received from October will all go towards the debt I have racked up in my lifetime. Currently as of today I owe several place a grand total of $187,692.71. I wont be doing a breakdown of what I owe and to who just so I can keep a little privacy for myself, but this is currently what I am working to pay off. This includes everything from credit cards, student loans, mortgages, auto loans, and anything else you might be able to think of.


I will also be using this money, and future earnings, to help improve my blog to be better for all of you. Hopefully as time goes on I’ll be able to read more ebooks and take more online courses to help push this blog further. Of course I’ll also make sure to do reviews on them such as the REVIEW of Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course that I did earlier this week. Also if you have reviews of products you would recommend, please feel free to email them to me or add them into the comments below.


How much did I spend this month on the blog?


So not only am I going to tell you how much I make every month, I’m also going to tell you how much I spent. Unfortunately, I spent much more this month then I earned. Luckily the majority of them were just one time expenses so it wont be this bad every month. I looked at it as an investment in myself and this blog. If you decide you would like to know how to start up your own blog you can find out by reading, my cleverly titled, How to Start a Blog in Less Than 30 Minutes article.


Monthly Expense


Bluehost  –  (for my web hosting for the next three years) $231.84


WordPress Theme  –  (of course I didn’t design this website myself) $49


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing  –  (I lucked out and got it during a sale) $169


Ads  –  (more of a test run kinda thing) $23.05


Convert Kit  –  (I use this to manage my email subscriptions)  –  $30 


Total Expenses  –  $472.89


What did my social media attention look like?


So I wont spend to much time here during this my first year, because I include a weekly update on this in My Blogs First Year. I didn’t really have any expectations on my followers and such because I’ve never done this. If any of you have stats from your first months social media pages I would love to see them or hear about them!


Social Media FollowersMy October 2016 Blog Income/Expense report


Facebook  –  91


Pinterest  –  547


Twitter  –  150


Top 5 blog posts in October


1.  How to Save Money While Traveling


2.  18 Ways to Earn Extra Cash


3.  11 Creative Ways to Save Money on Christmas Shopping


4. Save Money This Winter


5. 5 Ways to Save Money


I posted a total of 12 blog articles this month. I hope to try and keep my post count to around that level every month.




This past month has flown by so fast. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been at this for over three weeks now. I’ve really enjoyed writing the articles, promoting the blog, getting to know other bloggers around me, and the overall total experience of getting to help people.


Total lifetime Blog Revenue  –  – $493.62


Do you post monthly income and/or expense statements? What have you found to work best for you as far as improving social media?

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  1. Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds November 9, 2016 at 8:34 am - Reply

    Oh wow, this is great for your first month Ryan! I look forward to reading more of them 🙂

    • Ryan Wilkins November 9, 2016 at 7:23 pm - Reply

      Thanks Francesca! I thought it was pretty decent and I was very proud. I hope to continue to see you around!

  2. Jax November 16, 2016 at 5:15 pm - Reply

    That is an amazing first month. I have been blogging for almost 6 months and I don’t think my blog has generated $9 total in that time! I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings you.

    • Ryan Wilkins November 16, 2016 at 6:38 pm - Reply

      Really? See, this is my first blog so I don’t really have a whole lot to base my progress off of. I appreciate the comment!

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