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I do receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. These are all products that I highly recommend. I wouldn't put anything on this page that I would feel bad telling my own mother about!


Welcome to my blogging experience week 6. This is where I will go over everything that has happened over the past week and what my blogging experience week 6 looked like. If you’re new to PPF Financial then let me start off by welcoming you to my blog. If you’re not then let me welcome you back!

I wanted to make a weekly blog update at the end of every week for the first year of my blogs life. The reason I am doing this is to give any current or future readers an insight into all the making of my blog. Plus it will be something I could look back on later and enjoy the hard work and dedication I put into blogging.

Those of you who have been here before, feel free to skip ahead to the first section. For those who have not, the reason I want to be so transparent is to help build up some trust between you and I. There are many places you could about finance and many other things you could be doing. The fact is you’re here with me now and I want to help build a lasting relationship. Let us begin shall we?

Every week I will cover:

•  What next week will look like

•  Did I meet the goals set last week

•  My websites traffic report

•  The social media attention I received

•  A list of articles posted during the week

•  The goals I hope to achieve next week

My hope is to eventually be able to blog full time and become my own boss. None of this will be possible without the help of everyone who checks up on me every week. So far all of you, I thank you and I appreciate any and all support.

I really do enjoy doing this and I hope that I can help even just one person out. That would be enough for this all to be worth it. Every week I post these articles, I want to be able to inspire and motivate someone to do better for themselves.  This is as much about every single one of you as it is about me!

What Next Week is Going to Look Like

So I’ve made it a full 6 weeks now! Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure if I would be able to stick with it this long. I like to come up with an idea, try it, then quit after a couple of weeks. I really believe the biggest reason I’ve been able to stick with it is because of these weekly updates.

When I decided to do weekly updates I had no idea how they were going to go or if they would be worth a damn. Boy am I glad I did this! I’ve received a lot of messages about how people enjoy reading these each week. This really has inspired me to keep pushing through no matter how busy I get.

Alright, I’m starting to ramble a bit here so it’s time to keep moving on! Next week I want to really buckle down and implement a new theme for the blog. I also would like to reformat my blog posts to hopefully rank better in Google searches. I’ve been looking for a new theme for a week or two now, I just can’t seem to pull the trigger on a new one yet.

I’m not sure if I will post a blog article next week or not. With the holidays coming full force next week I may focus on some of the structural aspects of my blog. I still want to post one, if time allows, though so don’t think I’m just going to forget about you!

A side not, I have been putting off canceling a gym membership that I NEVER used. I started going to a new gym so I was paying for TWO memberships and only used one of them. This week I committed to it and made the trip to get it canceled. How could I preach not wasting money on useless things when I was doing that exact thing?!

Blogging Experience Week 6 Goals

•  Reach 1000 followers on Pinterest  –  SUCCESS

•  Have 750 Twitter followers  –  SUCCESS

•  Get to 125 likes on my Facebook group page  –  SUCCESS

•  Change the logo up at the top  –  FAILED (SORT OF)

•  Create a lifetime goal page  –  SUCCESS

•  Find at least 1 additional source of online income  –  SUCCESS

•  Locate another way to boost web traffic outside of social media  –  SUCCESS

So this was a super successful week!  I only got one blog post in this week but I was able to get my lifetime goal page setup as well. There are a few ideas I have in mind for this page that I am really excited about!

My social media goals were crushed this week! I was so happy to see the progress I made in this department. The goal I set for Facebook even managed to be reached this week. I may have to raise the goals for these pages because they’re starting to see some traction.

What do I Mean by “sort of  failed”??

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what I mean by “sort of” failed on the goal of uploading a new logo to my blog. Well, I am not super creative when it comes to photoshop or any of those other visual editing programs so I hired someone to do it for me. I was suppose to receive it yesterday but never got it. Here I am almost 24 hours late, and still NOTHING! I’m not super happy about this but I am hoping it is because the logo is going to turn out awesome!

Really, the only reason that I am even a little upset about this delay is because I would have fully completed ALL of my weekly goals set for the week. Another week passes without a 100% completion rate. This is probably for the best though, because it gives me something to keep striving for.

I found a few other ways to boost traffic, they weren’t implemented this week and one of them may never be. One of the ways to boost it are through some paid avenues. My issue with this one is that I fear if I pay someone to help me boost my traffic, they may resort to some blackhat methods to achieve their results. I refuse to participate in this method so I may pass up on this one. The other one is making a boost to my keywords for search engines. I plan on doing this next week of sure so hopefully I’ll have some results to show for it.

My Additional Source of Income

There was no money earned from an additional income but that wasn’t the goal this week. The goal was to find a way to have an additional source of income. I found a way that I could post blog articles for another people and make a little extra money doing it. This may be where my article goes next week so I can earn a little extra before the end of the month. Wish me luck on this because so far all of the things I have written, have been posted right here on my own blog.

Website Traffic Report

Weekly Views  –  237 (was 302)

Weekly Visitors  –  159 (was 211)

Top Views in a Day  –  60 (was 99)

Best Day  –  Saturday

Alexa Ranking U.S.  –  492,986 (was 648,396)

Alexa Ranking Global  –  4,639,676 (was 6,587,906)

All of my traffic stats dropped this week. I’m not happy about this but I understand why. Not nearly enough time was spent on my main traffic source, Pinterest. I was so determined to boost my other social media accounts that I neglected my number one a little too much.

Sadly this is probably going to remain the same though. I have seen way too many horror stories about how a blogger was blocked, by accident and on purpose, from a social media site. Normally it seems to be their biggest traffic driver too so they really feel the sting from the block. If I have a well rounded social media presence, I should be able to avoid this issue in the future.

Last week was the first week I added what my Alexa rankings were so I’m not quite sure if I had a huge jump or not. My global rank improved by almost 2 million so I know that’s an improvement, I’m just not sure how this gages compared to normal. This seems to be an issue I have a lot. I have so much trouble trying to figure out what is a normal growth rate or what is a slow growth rate. If anyone can shed some light on this for any of my figures, that would be so appreciated!

Social Media Attention

Facebook  –  130 (up 27 from last week)

Pinterest  –  1023 (up 181 from last week)

Twitter  –  827 (up 202 from last week)

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I didn’t focus nearly as much on Pinterest as I have in the past weeks. My major focus has been trying to find ways to boost my Facebook account. I’m seeing some improvements in this department so my work is paying off. I’ll try to spend a little more time playing around on Pinterest this week though to see how much of a difference it can make.

Even though I neglected Pinterest a little this week, I was able to break the 1000 follower mark!! Thank you to everyone who helped me achieve this! Next on the notch list is 2,500. Twitter isn’t trailing to far behind in this catagory. Hopefully I can find a way to hit 1000 on that platform this week. Facebook, goodness this is such a hard platform to boost. I’m going to aim high though for next week and see how we do. If I don’t get some blog articles posted, hopefully it’ll be because I’ve given more love to social media.

Blog Posts From This Week


Blogging Experience Week 7 Goals

•  Reach 1250 followers on Pinterest 

•  Have 1000 Twitter followers 

•  Get to 200 likes on my Facebook group page

•  Pin 100 times everyday this week on Pinterest

•  Earn money from my newly found additional income source

•  Locate a new theme for my blog

•  Have an editor look over all of my current blog articles

Take a look at my blogging experience week 6! It is truly amazing how far you can go when you put your mind to it. If you don't have time to read up on it right now, pin it so you read it later!


This coming week I want to try putting more focus on my social media and earning a source of income. As much fun as it is to post these blogs every week for you, I would really like to earn a little money at the same time. I don’t need to make a fortune but a little extra wouldn’t hurt.

Even though I may not be able to get a blog post in this week, I still want it to be a productive week. I spend a lot of time each week posting these articles so it’ll be nice to spend the time on something else. I’ll be completing one of my bucket list items this week so you should expect to hear about that in week 8!

The traffic I receive each day is staying pretty consistent with the exception of one peak day a week. I’m not sure what is causing this peak once a week but I can’t say I’m going to complain. I hope to try and bring my average page views to 50 per day this week.  This should be very achievable and would be a nice increase to my site traffic.

How many ways do you earn extra income online each month?

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  1. Aleks November 23, 2016 at 8:55 pm - Reply

    Once again great article and such a pleasure to read!! Congrats on canceling that membership, I know exactly what that’s like!! Also congrats on completing almost all of your goals! Your post and keep me motivated for sure and this week I definitely needed it! Thank you! Always good to see you making progress and reaching your goals and excited to read about your bucket list adventures!

    • Ryan Wilkins November 25, 2016 at 12:20 pm - Reply

      Thanks once again! Honestly it really does help keep me motivated hearing about how I motivate people. One of my biggest goals is to help others be a better version of themselves. Some people just need a little boost! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you!

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