The Experience of a New Blogger – Week 8

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The Experience of a New Blogger – Week 8

Welcome to the experience of a new blogger – week 8. This would be my experience of course. This is where I will go over everything that has happened over the past week and what my experience as a new blogger have been. If you’re new to PPF Financial then let me start off by welcoming you to my blog. If you’re not then let me welcome you back!

I wanted to make a weekly blog update at the end of every week for the first year of my blogs life. The reason I am doing this is to give any current or future readers an insight into all the making of my blog. Plus it will be something I could look back on later and enjoy the hard work and dedication I put into blogging.

Those of you who have been here before, feel free to skip ahead to the first section. For those who have not, the reason I want to be so transparent is to help build up some trust between you and me. There are many places you could about finance and many other things you could be doing. The fact is you are here with me now and I want to help build a lasting relationship. Let us begin shall we?

Every week I will cover:

•  What next week will look like

•  Did I meet the goals set last week

•  My websites traffic report

•  The social media attention I received

•  A list of articles posted during the week

•  The goals I hope to achieve next week

My hope is to eventually be able to blog full-time and become my own boss. None of this will be possible without the help of everyone who checks up on me every week. So far all of you, I thank you and I appreciate any and all support.

I really do enjoy doing this and I hope that I can help even just one person out. That would be enough for this all to be worth it. Every week I post these articles, I want to be able to inspire and motivate someone to do better for themselves.  This is as much about every single one of you as it is about me!

What Next Week is Going to Look Like

Hopefully next week will look a whole lot different from this week! It has been a disastrously terrible run of a couple of weeks now. I want to continue to make sure I post these weekly updates so that you know I’m not giving up. As much as I would like to put my keyboard away for the holidays, I want to continue to push through and get these posts out there to help you!

This coming week I will for sure post two articles from my bucket list. I’ve completed two of my bucket list goal’s since I added it to my site. I wont tell you what they are now but I will be, I MUST BE, posting them this week. Also, I want to give some more advice related to the holidays and how you can keep your personal finances in order as we approach the end of the year!

I must say, if you start seeing some articles around the 31st of this month that don’t make any sense, you can assume I came into contact with some amazing New Year’s parties. Until then, I will be getting these goals completed! It was a terrible week, and has been a rough couple of weeks for PPF Financial. On a personal note, I have been having a lot of fun and really enjoying life. Please be patient as I will get some quality posts in soon!

Results of my Week 8 Blogging Experience Goals

•  Reach 1250 followers on Pinterest  –  FAILED

•  Have 1000 Twitter followers  –  FAILED

•  Get to 300 likes on my Facebook group page  –  FAILED

•  Pin 100 times everyday this week on Pinterest  –  FAILED

•  Publish two blog articles this week  –  FAILED

•  Setup the new theme for my blog  –  FAILED

•  Have an editor look over all of my current blog articles  –  FAILED

Well, it looks like this week was a complete bust! I did not complete a single thing off of my blogging goals. It’s been a steady downhill spiral since the holidays started up. I wont make excuses though. This shows me that I have to try to do better. Social media has been rough these past few weeks. I have been trying to ensure I grow my following organically. I don’t want to add to my followers just for the sake of having a higher number.

There have been a few great people who regularly read my blog and anytime I hear from them, it means a lot to me. They probably don’t even know how much they encourage me to keep pushing forward. This week I failed every goal I put in place but,  I am not defeated. Through these failures, I will grow stronger and I will rise above.

I’ve slowly been approaching my social media goals. I hope to really try to push these in the coming days so I could at least get one of these completed. I’m joining up with a few link parties to help spread the word around. I’ve been a terrible blogging neighbor though. So many people have reached out to help me and due to my lack of time, sleep, and brain function, I’ve neglected to keep in touch with them on a consistent basis.

One of my biggest problems as of this very moment, is organization. Nothing I have is very organized and I lose track of things so easily. On top of getting my theme setup this week, maybe I should work on getting things to be a little cleaner. This should help my blogging process out so much if I can actually manage to take the time and do this. If I get to it, I will be sure and let you know how much it helps out. Wish me luck for this coming week, I really have to buckle down!

Website Traffic Report

Weekly Views  –  177 (was 325)

Weekly Visitors  –  118 (was 234)

Top Views in a Day  –  39 (was 83)

Best Day  –  Monday

Alexa Ranking U.S. (Canada)  –  98,357 in Canada (was 492,986 in the U.S.)

Alexa Ranking Global  –  3,263,764 (was 3,793,370)

My daily traffic has dropped incredibly. Honestly, this is not even a little bit of a surprise. With the lack of attention that I’ve been giving to every aspect of my blog, this is to be expected. I’m going to be more positive about things though. I have absolutely no clue how or why but when I searched my blog in Alexa, it shows me ranked within the top 100,000 websites in CANADA. Maybe I might need to do a post relating to my neighbors up North a few times.

My weekly views and visitors were cut nearly in half this week. This is not a trend I am happy about. I must bring this up next week and hope to bring some readers back. On a positive note, My global Alexa ranking has improved a bit. I hope to be under 2,000,000 before the end of the year. As far as the country ranking goes, I guess we will just have to see what comes up next week.

Social Media Attention

Facebook  –  283 (up 15 from last week)

Pinterest  –  1185 (up 63 from last week)

Twitter  –  905 (up 42 from last week)

Here is another place that suffered this week. Along with my blog traffic, the improvements on social media were down this week. Once again, not something that I wasn’t already expecting. Fewer people visiting from social media, less traffic that will show up to my blog. I know I keep trying to be positive but, I really am disappointed in myself for the lack of effort I’ve put in recently.

This week I will be improving social media. I have recently started using Tailwind and am hoping it will help make sure I get things out in a timely fashion. Plus after I’ve played around with it for a while I’ll give an honest review of what  I think about the program. If during that time, I try using Boardbooster, and Hootsuite, I’ll be sure to give as best of a comparison as I can.

Blog Posts From This Week

So once again I am at the end of my week and still no blog posts. I truly am sorry about all of this. I know you’re probably wondering if it’s even worth coming back week after week just to read my weekly roundups of how I did absolutely nothing! Well, unfortunately I wouldn’t blame you for stopping. Obviously I hope that you don’t because I will for sure be getting things going soon.

The holidays have been kicking my butt so far. Here are my two featured blogs of the week though! I can’t leave others who do put in the time and effort out. The first blog here is where I actually got the idea to do my bucket list blog section. I am super jealous of her because she is currently living the life I hope to one day have. Until then, I’ll just live vicariously through her endeavors and eventually create my own.

Annette really does have some amazing things here and it is well worth taking a peek out to see what all she has been able to accomplish!

Annette’s Bucket List

This is article is a great one for many of us in the blogging community. Learning how to build up your social media is a major part of growing your blog traffic in this day and age. I really could use some of these tips in the coming week to hopefully help me reach my goals for the week! If you find yourself needing help with boosting your social media, look no further than this article below! While you’re there, you should also check out a few of her other articles. There are many posts aimed at helping young and old bloggers alike! Janice really does have quite a few posts aimed at helping bloggers promote themselves and helping build up there blog!

Janice’s Helpful Blog Posts

Next Weeks Blogging Experience Goals

•  Reach 1250 followers on Pinterest  –

•  Have 1000 Twitter followers  –

•  Get to 300 likes on my Facebook group page  –

•  Pin 10 times everyday this week on Pinterest  –

•  Publish two blog articles this week  –The Experience of a New Blogger Week 8

•  Setup the new theme for my blog  –

•  Be more active on my blog and more interactive with my readers  –


My blogging experience in  week 8 was a very lousy effort on my part. I hate using excuses because it doesn’t change anything. Things will be better the following weeks. I mean honestly, I can’t do much worse. I need to start reading more of my inspirational quotes. Maybe, that will help boost my spirits.

For those of you who continue to read each and every week, I thank you so very much for supporting me. It really means a lot to me and helps me so much. All of you out there who are struggling with anything in your life, just know, it will get better.

On a more serious note outside of the blogging world, please be kind to others. I spend everyday around people having one of the worst days of their lives. Sometimes all it takes is a kind word from a stranger to change the way another person sees the world.

How often do you stay in contact with your readers and blogging neighbors? 

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  1. Jax December 8, 2016 at 1:33 pm - Reply

    I know how it feels to be a in a blog slump. I have great intentions every week and then for one reason or another, nothing materializes. I think it’s great you ended your post with being kind to others, because it’s so easy to do and can mean so much to someone. But I also think you need to be kind to yourself. It’s great to have goals, but maybe they need a longer timeline? Or maybe focus on one or two instead of all 7? Here is to a better coming week!

    • Ryan Wilkins December 9, 2016 at 11:35 pm - Reply

      You may be right Jax, I may need to try and pick 7 goals to complete during the month. I could always keep everyone updated on the progress of them each week still. I will for sure keep this in mind! Thank you for the suggestion.

  2. Aleks December 8, 2016 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Loved reading this one! Even though I’m sad you feel bad about not completing any goals this week, it happens to everyone! And hey maybe won’t even be the last time. But that’s okay. Your attitude is awesome! Just keep pushing forward. Even if we stumble, fall, or bounce backwards, as long as we get up and just keep taking steps in the right direction, everything will be okay. Holidays and end of the year is always tough, and my views dropped significantly this week as well so we’re in the same boat. Also, organization is my number one thing as well! At least you know and are aware of the things you want to improve and that’s the most important part. Plus I’m sure everyone enjoys reading how real your experience is because sometimes we just fall off for a minute. But, we’re all rooting for you and wishing you luck on next week!! You can do it!

    • Ryan Wilkins December 9, 2016 at 11:37 pm - Reply

      Thanks so much! I really did feel pretty down about it but sometimes it’s more important to pay the bills and spend time with family. I really do appreciate all your support each week! I look forward to reading your comments. Anyone else reading this, these two are awesome people and have great experiences to share!

  3. Baby Names December 9, 2016 at 4:23 am - Reply

    Good post, thanks for sharing!

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