My Trip to a Professional Football Game

//My Trip to a Professional Football Game
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My Trip to a Professional Football Game

On the 24th of November I went to a professional football game. As one of my bucket list items, this was super exciting. My brother and I had bought our dad Dallas Cowboy football tickets as a birthday present this year. All three of us are pretty big Dallas Cowboy fans so I knew it would be a pretty good choice.

I will say, the present was partially for us but that’s neither here nor there :). We both split the cost of the ticket and planned to spend Thanksgiving day, in Dallas Texas, with our dad for the game. Everything went according to plan and we had a great time. Feel free to read below for my experience while I completed one of my bucket list goals. This will be the first bucket list item I’ve completed, since starting my blog. Boy was the trip a nice get away!


The Trip Down to Dallas

The day before the game, we all loaded up our clothes in my truck and then decided to go eat before we got on the road. This ended up being an amazing decision because I, in my haste to get to Dallas, forgot to pack the tickets!!!

While we were eating, my brother had mentioned something about the game that made me go “HOLY CRAP!”. I completely spaced on making sure I had the most important piece to this trip. Luckily we were only about 5 minutes away from my house and it ended up not being a big deal but, boy was it almost a disaster.

After grabbing the tickets, we set off to Dallas. On the way there, my brother passed smooth out while he was sitting in the backseat. It was a pretty quite trip for the most part. We listened to some music and me and my dad talked about super random things.

About half-way to Dallas, we stopped to get some gas at a gas station off the interstate. Me and my dad both got out of the truck and I assumed my brother was still sleeping. Out of habit, I locked the truck and proceeded to put gas into the truck.

Well, my brother, who was still inside, tried to get out of the truck to go into the gas station. When he opened the door, the alarm started going off and scared the crap out of all of the half-asleep people at the gas station. I laughed about it but, he didn’t seem to pleased being that he just woke up.

Our Arrival in Dallas

So we continued on and finally arrived in Dallas Texas. Once we located our hotel room, we unloaded the truck and put everything in the room. Now, it was time to get some drinks! So we walked down to the hotel bar and met up with this really awesome server who was from our home state.

We talked with him for what felt like hours, enjoyed our drinks, and probably got him into a little bit of trouble. He was trying to close the bar up for the night. His boss didn’t seem very fond of him talking to us instead of cleaning.

Once we finished our drinks, it was time to call it a night. I made sure one more time that I still had our game day tickets then fell sound asleep. In my family, you have to fall asleep first if you want to get any sleep for the night. All of us are a bunch of loud snoring monsters when we sleep. Lucky for me, I don’t have any issues knocking out right away.

Game Day

The game started at 3:30pm CST but that didn’t stop our anxious bodies from waking up around 9 in the morning to get ready to go. We went downstairs to scope out the breakfast for the hotel room. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed in the section of what they considered to be breakfast.

Fearing our stomachs’ safety, we opted to go right across the street to Denny’s and eat there. The food was really good, when they finally managed to bring mine out. I had to ask several times where half of my order went and when the waiter came back to see if we needed anything, I had to remind him of my missing food.

All-in-all the breakfast experience wasn’t to bad. It was actually pretty good due to the food being pretty good. Hands down, this was a better choice than the lousy selection of food at the hotel buffet. Plus, it didn’t take us very long to get seated and for us to receive the majority of our food.

After filling up our stomachs we went back to the room to get ready to leave for the game. We left the hotel really early in anticipation of poor traffic. Anyone who has ever been to Dallas knows, traffic there can be slow as a snail. Not to mention, they aren’t the greatest of drivers either.

Getting to the Stadium


We were pretty surprised that we didn’t have any issues with traffic at all. When we pulled into the parking lot, we decided on, we were one of about 10 people in the parking lot. Because of this, we were able to pick out a spot right beside the exit, in hopes of being able to leave a little quicker than everyone else.

By the time we made the walk to the stadium, more and more people started to fill the streets. People were walking very every direction in eagerness to watch the game. There were several spots where they made us wait, I assume, to help make the transition into the stadium easier.

The first stop was where we had someone scan our tickets to let us in. I purchased our tickets online so I was hoping there wasn’t any issues with them. I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about people ordering them online and not being able to get in. My fear wasn’t eased at all when the lady took my dad’s ticket first. She attempted to can it several times and couldn’t get it to scan. I nervously joked about how bad it would suck if we couldn’t get in after making the trip and waiting in line.

After several tries, and a few accelerated heartbeats later, it finally scanned. She didn’t have any issues with mine or my brother’s ticket so we moved through pretty quickly. Once through this gate, they had everyone wait just outside of the stadium doors. Here, they at least served drinks, offered some entertainment on a stage, and passed out free goodies while we waiting for the doors to open. It really wasn’t a bad wait because the weather was so perfect. It wasn’t too cold, the sun was out, and not a cloud in sight.

Finally Inside the Stadium


Once the doors opened we immediately went to scope out the food. Mind you between all of the waiting in lines and walking, about 4 hours had passed. We all went with our favorite food, pizza! It wasn’t a bad choice either. So far having a trip like this on my bucket list was much deserved.

We found ourselves a bar table by some stairs and ate our food before we proceeded up to our seats. As we climbed, what seemed to be an endless circle of stairs, we found ourselves at our seat level. After all of those stairs we all looked at each other and said “surely there can’t be anymore”. Yea, we were wrong about that. All of us stepped out from under the seats and looked up another flight of stairs that had to be climbed.

After finally getting seated, we were greeted with a small towel in all of our seats. I was thankful for this because it just became my new sweat rag. Anybody who has ever met me, knows it doesn’t take much for me to start sweating. In fact, as I write this, I’m sweating now because it’s a little toasty in my house at the moment. My dad told me they use them at the games to wave in the air to cheer the team on. It didn’t matter, I knew how mine was still going to be used.

Game Time

The ball was kicked and the game was under way. At the start, our Cowboy’s were doing pretty decent. They seemed to have been handling the game pretty well against the Redskins. At halftime the score was 17-6 in the favor of the Cowboys. We had quite a bit of fun cheering and people watching all together. There were some upset Redskin fans but they all seemed to still have hope of a potential win.

When halftime arrived, we stepped down to use the restroom and grab  some food as well. Normally as a guy, the line for the bathroom is super short and we get to laugh about how long the line is for the women. This was absolutely not the case here. We waited the whole 12 minutes of halftime waiting in this line. After we finished up, we went to a nacho stand right by where our seats were.

If you ever get a chance to go to a Dallas Cowboy’s football game, I would be sure to get you some of their nachos. They were literally the best nachos I may have ever had. My dad had to force himself to keep eating his because they were just that good. I unfortunately did not have the same drive and wound up wasting a good portion of mine.

By the time we made it to our seats, the halftime show was over and they were getting ready to kick the ball off again to start the 3rd quarter. We barely made it back to our seats in time to see it. The 3rd quarter was a little boring. Neither team scored any points and seemed to be playing a little slow after they got back on the field.

End of the Game

Both teams must have woke up in the 4th quarter because both teams scored a combined total of 34 points in the 4th quarter alone. As the clock counted down, both teams were still fighting to win the game. The clock finally struck 00:00 and the Cowboys won 26-31. A good portion of the away team had already left at this point, apparently foreseeing the upcoming loss. All three of us celebrated and relaxed in our chairs while everyone else pushed and shoved to leave the stadium.

After the crowd thinned out a little, we got up and were able to comfortably walk down the stairs without fear of some rude couple forcing their way to the bottom. Leaving the stadium was very easy and didn’t take much time at all. Before we knew it, we were standing outside of the stadium, watching all the Cowboy fans give everyone a high five as  they walked to the street.

As we passed all the happy drunks, we joked about how not so pleasant this same crowd would’ve been had we lost. The scariest part about it was, we were about to get on the road with these same drunks. As we continued walking back to my truck, we noticed the parking lot we were in, had an exit FAR away from traffic.

We loaded up into the truck and quickly made our way away from the madness with little wait. By this time, you could tell everyone was tired from the long day. We got back to the hotel, and unloaded all the goodies we brought from the game. Another football game had just started and was quickly placed on the TV screen. I had no interest in staying up and knocked out for the night.

The End of a Great Experience

The morning after the game, we all climbed in the truck and started our way back home. We had to leave early that morning because, we were getting together at my parents house for a late Thanksgiving dinner. The ride home was pretty uneventful but was a great relaxing period after such an amazing experience.

I was very happy to have completed this item off of my bucket list and couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Spending the day with my dad and brother, watching a team we all love, and a sport we have all grown up with, could not have been any better. This is one bucket list item I will be doing again sometime.

If you have never gone to a professional football game, I greatly recommend taking the time out of your schedule to do it. The atmosphere, the food, the drinks, and the total experience was worth every penny.


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