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Hello and welcome to my financial blog! I created this blog to help me earn some passive income to allow me to spend more time with my friends and family as well as helping other people reach their financial goals along the way.


My name is Ryan, and I am brand-new at this whole blogging thing. I live here in the great United States of America and have for the majority of my life. I love to travel, even though I do not get to as often as I would like (hopefully this blog can change that!!).


Everyone has had those days where they just do not want to get up and go to work. Maybe there are some things at work that you wish would change but you know you can’t change them. Well my goal with this blog is to help release me from the world of working for “the man”. I want to be my own boss and set my own hours. I want to take vacation when I want, and most importantly make the most out of my life with the people who are most important to me.


How can I accomplish this though? I did not finish college because I was too focused on wanting to work 40 hours a week. Nor did I have any special skills that I believed were worth marketing. I was not blessed with unimaginable talents, and my family was not wealthy. The best part about the world we live in today though is you do not need any of this to be successful. Because of the internet, I have access to not hundreds, not thousands, not even just millions, but billions of people! The trouble is taking the time out of my day to reach them.


I want to establish this blog as your go to location to help you achieve your financial dreams. Your financial past, present, and future are not set in stone. You can be successful in life and live the life you want, you just have to be willing to reach out of your comfort zone and chase your dreams! Let PPF (Past, Present, and Future) Financial Blog help guide you to financial freedom!

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